Louth AC – Lincolnshire Track and Field Championships 2018

The Humberside and Lincolnshire 2018 County Championships were a joint event held over 2 days at Costello Stadium, Hull on Saturday 12th May 2018 and Tommy Clay Stadium, Boston on Sunday 13th May 2018.  The weather conditions were good on both days which enabled some excellent performances and exciting competition.  Although it was witnessed on the day that there were some fantastic results in the jumps, throws, sprints and distance events by Louth AC athletes it was not until the combined County results were separated that revealed all 20 members made their mark with 8 County Champions, 18 Podium finishes and 15 achieving one or more personal bests.

Lincolnshire County Champions

Betty Gash, Kerry Stainton, Ellie Odlin, Evie Odlin, Lloyd Buck, Evie Brooks, Matthew Spendlove and Evie Kendrick.


Name Age Group Pos Event Time Remarks
Betty Gash Veteran W50 1st 1500 6.27.12
1st 3000m 13.32.16 (PB) PB Vet 6 seconds
Karen Moulding Veteran W50 2nd Discus 13.75
2nd Hammer 11.43
Kerry Stainton Veteran W35 1st 1500m 5.47.42
1st 800m 2.54.96
1st 3000m 12.30.23
Isabelle Dhami U17 Women 4th 800m 2.36.82 (PB) PB by 5 seconds
Ellie Odlin 1st 300m 44.08
Evie Odlin 1st 800m 2.21.83 A second outside PB
Lloyd Buck U17 Men 1st 400m 59.02 (PB) Under the 60.0.
1st 1500m 5.01.79
Caleb Stephenson 3rd 800m 2.08.72 PB 2.07.8 in 2018 by knocking 2 secs of 2017 time.
Kandi Austin U15 Girls 3rd 100m heat 2 15.66
3rd 200m heat 2 31.94 (PB) PB by over a second
3rd 300m heat 2 52.39 (PB) First time distance.
4th 3000m 14.04.73 (PB) Frist time distance.
2nd Discus 13.38 (PB) PB by over 4 metres
5th Long Jump 3.63
Evie Brooks 1st 300m heat 1 46.46 (PB)
2nd 300m Final 45.92 (PB)
1st 800m 2.26.34 (PB) 4 seconds quicker than a week ago and a massive 14 secs from 2017.
1st 1500m 5.05.76 (PB) PB by 16 seconds
4th Long Jump 3.74 (PB) PB by 36 cm
4th Shot 6.49
Megan Forman 2nd 300m heat 2 48.50
3rd 300m Final 48.06 PB) PB by 4 seconds
4th Discus 12.69 (PB) PB by over a metre
Matilda Mossop 5th 1500m 6.32.31 (PB) First time distance.
5th Discus 11.30 (PB) PB by over a metre
Freya Plaskitt 2nd 300m heat 1 52.22 (PB) PB by a second.
3rd 1500m 5.37.15
3rd 3000m 12.25.51 (PB) First time distance.
Taran Dhami U15 Boys 2nd 200m heat 2 27.86
3rd 200m Final 27.82 (PB) PB under a second
Matthew Spendlove 1st 3000m 10.14.29 (PB) PB by 20 seconds
1st Javelin 23.87
Evie Kendrick U13 Girls 1st 100m heat 2 14.10
1st 100m Final 14.08 (PB) PB from 14.3
1st 200m heat 3 28.89 (PB) First time distance
1st 200m Final 28.91
Adela Mills 3rd 200m heat 1 32.72 (PB)
3rd 800m 3.11.73 (PB) PB by 3 seconds
10th Long Jump 3.18 (PB) PB by 36 cms.
Marla Bell U11 Girls 2nd 80m heat 2 14.21 (PB)
3rd 150m Final 26.53
2nd 600m 2.14.86
2nd Long Jump 2.89 (PB)
Oliver Brooks U11 Boys 2nd 80m heat 1 12.89 (PB)
2nd 80m Final 12.95
2nd 150m heat 1 24.26
2nd 150m Final 24.01 (PB) PB by a second
3rd 600m 2.14.31
Joseph Todd 1st 80m heat 2 13.17 (PB) PB by over a second
3rd 80m Final 13.21
4th Long Jump 2.73 (PB) PB by a metre