Membership (Second Claim and Supporters)

Second Claim Club

Runners who are registered with other clubs as their first claim club are permitted under EA rules to become a member of a second club known as a Second Claim. Whilst this may be for social, coaching or other reasons that athlete may compete for that Club in competitions which specifically state in its rules that its competition is open to Second Claim members.

To register a second claim with Louth Athletic Club, please complete 2nd Claim form and send to the Membership Secretary.

For further details on Second Claim, please see Rules and Regulations.

Supporters Fee

Louth Athletic Club is run by volunteers, many of whom do not run but support the club through helping at events or being on the committee or simply paying the supporter fee to help the club financially.

If you would like to support the club, please complete Louth AC supporter membership form and forward to the membership secretary.

For further details please contact:

Chairperson: Paul Snowden 07564448546


Membership Secretary: Amanda Young, Tel: 01507 601979

3 Martin Close, Louth, Lincs. LN11 0SS

Email –