Senior Runners

Senior Members Section

Training for seniors starts at 6:15pm and finishes at approximately 7:30 and is usually held on Tuesday and Thursday.  Details for each session can be found on the LAC Facebook page.

Training consists of various disciplines including speed work, hill sprints, circuit training, fartlek, long easy runs and time trials.  Distances generally vary between 2 and 6 miles.   Most club runners will average between 6 and 10 minutes per mile so we cater for various abilities.

Safety – Hi-viz should be worn when visibility is poor especially if running out of town. Runners may also wish to purchase LED lights and head torches.

New Runners – there is no waiting list for new Senior Athletes.  It is recommended that runners wanting to attend their first session add a post to the LAC Facebook page advising they would like to come along.  Other runners and those leading the session will then look out for you and make you welcome.  No runner is left behind and most of us started at the back struggling to run a few miles.

Cost – there are no charges other than the annual membership fees.  New runners can attend for 8 weeks before having to join the club.