Lincolnshire Runner Cross Country League 2017/18                

Match 1   West Common, Lincoln   29/10/17

There was a fantastic turn out by competitors and supporters on the 1st of the 4 Lincolnshire Runner Cross Country League, with 306 competitors from 22 clubs and 3 individual guest runners.  Louth AC had the 3rd highest number of runners at 31 behind bigger clubs Lincoln Wellington AC 63 and Cleethorpes AC 35 with Scunthorpe & District AC 4th at 19.  The course was reasonably flat and fast with a gradual long hill at the start and repeated laps for the older age groups.  In addition the runners had to manoeuvre past horses grazing on one part of the common and tackle the slight head wind on an autumn sunny morning.

Brilliant result for the Senior Women’s team – 1st place with 28 points.      Lincoln Wellington AC and Wolds Veteran Runners Club finished 2nd and 3rd places respectively both on 33 points.   The Under 15 Girls and Boys teams both achieved 2nd places.  The Under 15 Girls 24 points with 1st place Cleethorpes AC 10 and Scunthorpe & District AC 3rd on 26 points.  The Under 15 Boys listed as 2nd place with the same number of points as first place Grantham AC 20 and Cleethorpes AC 3rd on 46 points.






Under 20/Senior/Veteran Women – 60 runners                                                                          

‘A’ team 1st – 5th Kerry Stainton, 11th Trudi Roberts, 12th Molly Pacey

‘B’ team 5th – 18th Alison McCoy, 20th Betty Gash, 25th Ruth Edison

‘C’ team 13th – 42nd Ros Jackson, 45th Jane Cope, 49th Karen Moulding

Under 20/Senior/Veteran Men – 85 runners                                                                            

‘A’ team 7th – 16th Denzil Lynch, 27th Jack Darnel, 31st Kevin Wallis

‘B’ team 10th – 32nd Chris Taylor, 38th Jason Oxby, 40th Paul Snowden

‘C’ team 16th – 64th Phil Jackson, 70th Colin Creasey, 71st Eddy Enright

Under 15 Girls – 18 runners                                                                                                                    

Team 2nd – 7th Hannah Reid, 8th Isabella Dhami, 9th Evie Odlin

Individual – 13th Freya Plaskitt

Under 15 Boys – 19 runners                                                                                                

Team 2nd – 3rd Caleb Stephenson, 7th Matthew Spendlove, 10th Taran Dhami

Under 13 Boys – 24 runners                                                                                                                          

Individual – 11th Declan Templeton

Under 11 Girls – 26 runners (no team placings in league)

Individuals – 5th – Adela Mills, 17th Marla Bell, 20th Tegan Philips

Under 11 Boys – 28 runners                                                                                                   

Individuals – 10th Oliver Edwards, 20th Oliver Brooks