33 Louth AC members were competing at 3 different events on Sunday 8th October 2017 – The Chester Marathon, The Tennyson 8 Multi Terrain run and Cleethorpes Annual Beach Terrain meeting.

MBNA Chester Marathon – Sub 3 hour in first marathon!

Nick Marsh ran a fantastic race to finish 90th position out of 2570 starters in his first marathon and in an excellent time of 2 hours 53 mins 54 secs, including 14th place in the Veteran National Championships Vet 45 age group.  Although starting/finishing in Chester the race was predominantly rural and a bit exposed in places – 8 miles of the course was in Wales.

Tennyson 8 Multi Terrain – another successful event!

17 senior team members took part in this scenic, rural, undulating multi terrain race with the start and finish in Hagworthingham with 105 competitors. This is an event organised in aid of Lincolnshire LIVES charity and all who supported helped raise in excess of £1400.

There were 3 points separating the top 3 ladies teams with Louth AC (143) narrowing missing out on the top prize by one point from Wolds Veteran Runners Club (142) and Skegness and District Runners in 3rd (145).  The Louth AC Ladies B team finished 5th (250) out of 7 teams.  In the men’s competition Wolds Veteran Runners Club took top spot (14), Skegness and District 2nd (31) and Louth A team in 3rd place (40) with the B team 10th (192) out of 11 teams.

The first Louth AC member to finish was Christopher Taylor 12th in 55 min 23 shortly followed by Kevin Houghton 13th in 55 min 33.  Still within the Top 20 were Kevin Wallis 15th in 56 min 43 and Jack Darnell 17th in 57 min 04.  Sam Rhodes finished 21st in 57 min 38 and Paul Snowden 29th in 59 min10.

The first Louth AC female member to finish was Kerry Stainton 31st (6th female overall) in 60 min 23 followed by Trudy Roberts 50th in 65 min 14.  Edward Enright 58th in 67 min 01, Colin Creasey 60th in 68 min 02 and 3rd female team ‘A’ runner  Debbie Simpson 62nd in 69 min 44.  Malcolm Cope 74th in 73 min 49, Amanda Young 81st in 76 min 26, Shirley Willett 82nd in 76 min 26, Jane Cope 87th in 79 min 01, Clare Koslow 88th in 79 min 01 and Ken Jackson 101st in 92 min 21.

Cleethorpes Annual Beach Terrain meeting – great conditions for racing!

15 Louth AC members competed from both the senior and junior section over a firm sand, grass and dunes course. It was very competitive in all the age groups with strong teams from Beverley AC, Cleethorpes AC, Gainsborough AC, Scunthorpe & District AC and Skyrac AC, West Yorkshire.

Louth AC fielded incomplete teams so did not feature in any of the team prizes and just missed out on placings with Hannah Reid, Lucas George-Jones and Jevon George-Jones all achieving excellent 4th places and Matthew Spendlove 5th place.

Senior/Junior/Veteran Men – 8500m   An excellent 10th Denzil Lynch in 29 min 22 and a conservative run 25th Jason Oxby 32 min 08 out of 41 runners.

Senior/Junior/Veteran Ladies – 5500m   A strong first half for 18th Betty Gash in 26 min 15 and a controlled run 30th Karen Moulding in 30 min 14 out of 33 runners.

Under 17 Men – 5500m – competed in the same race as the Under 17/Senior/Junior/Veteran Ladies with an excellent 4th Jevon George-Jones in 19 min 55 and a solid 7th Joshua Tarrant in 21 min 13 with 7 age group runners.

Under 15 Boys – 3200m   A fantastic race which awarded both boys the same time. 4th Lucas George-Jones in 10 min 48 secs and 5th Matthew Spendlove in 10 min 48 who had a brilliant finish.

Under 15 girls – 2800m   A determined run for 4th Hannah Reid in 10 min 29 out of 15 runners.

Under 13 Boys – 2800m Good performances for 15th Declan Templeton in 11 min 56 and 20th Alfie Grierson in 12 min 32 out of 24 runners.

Under 13 Girls – 2000m With less than 18 months running training to finish a creditable 6th Evie Brooks in 9 min 08 out of 25 runners.

Under 11 Boys – 1700m   Following in the footsteps of 2 older brothers an excellent 16th Idris George-Jones in 7 min 46 (awaiting  membership) and a good 49th James Greenfield in 10 min 01 out of 57 runners.

Under 11 Girls – 1700m   With the largest field of runners a brilliant 10th Adela Mills in 7 min 47 out of 63 runners.

A great start to the cross country season for Louth AC members.