By Sean Topham-
SCORES of runners turned out in Wednesday evening’s rain for the fifth and final race in this summer’s Louth Athletic Club Wolds Dash series.
Almost 300 junior and senior runners from across the region have taken part in the monthly races since the first meet in May.
Some of the races have been incredibly close with just a handful of points separating the top three finishers at the end of the series.
Points are awarded to the first 10 finishers in each race and athletes must complete four of the five runs in order to qualify for the series title.
Adults run a different course each month ranging in distance from 7,137m to 11,875m over the challenging hills of the Lincolnshire Wolds.
Juniors run distances ranging from 1,200m to 4,230m depending on their age group and all races start and finish in Hubbards Hills.
Congratulations to all runners who completed the series and thank you to all the volunteers who gave up their time to marshal and officiate the event.
Louth AC host their annual open cross country race meeting on Sunday 4 October at the club’s London Road ground.
There are races for ages from under 11s up to veterans with the first starting at 11am.
Entries close on 21 September and you can enter online at Some entries will be taken on the day but at an extra cost.
* Interested in taking up running or volunteering with the club? Adults and juniors meet at 6.15pm on Tuesdays at Cordeaux School and on Thursdays at the London Road Athletic Ground. More details and full results available at
Series results
  • Under 9 boys: 1: Adam Ewing, Grimsby Harriers (40);  2: Raphael Corn, Louth Athletic Club (36); 3: Alfie Burrell, Grimsby Harriers (35);
  • Under 9 girls: 1: Katie Smith, Louth Athletic Club (37); 2: Sommer-Mai Salter, Unattached (27); 3: Emily Whiffing, Mablethorpe Running Club (20);
  • Under 11 boys: 1: Charlie Burrell, Grimsby Harriers (40); 2: Joshua Burton, Unattached (37); 3: Declan Templeton, Louth Athletic Club (30);
  • Under 11 girls: 1: Ella Greenway, Cleethorpes Athletic Club (40); 2: Lucy Allan, Gainsborough & Morton (37); 3: Charlotte Hawkins, Grimsby Harriers (32); Under 13 boys: 1: Lucas George-Jones, Louth Athletic Club (40); 2: Caleb Stephenson, Louth Athletic Club (34); 3: Ashley Houghton, Unattached (30);
  • Under 13 girls: 1: Hannah Reid, Louth Athletic Club (39); 2: Robyn Greenway, Cleethorpes Athletic Club (36); 3: Evie Odlin, Louth Athletic Club (32);
  • Under 15 boys: 1: Jevon George-Jones, Louth Athletic Club (40); 2: Joshua Tarrant, Louth Athletic Club (37); 3: Jordan Tebbs, Louth Athletic Club (16);
  • Under 15 girls:  1: Emily Barratt, Grimsby Harriers (40); 2: Alice Hockham, Mablethorpe Running Club (36); 3: Honor Knight, Louth Athletic Club (16);
  • Under 17 boys: 1: Joseph Rice-Mundy, Mablethorpe Running Club (20); 2: Matthew Bellion, Skegness Coasters (10);
  • Under 17 girls: 1: Paige Midgley, Mablethorpe Running Club (40); 2: Emily Hockham, Mablethorpe Running Club (35); 3: Tayla Anderson, Mablethorpe Running Club (33);
  • Under 20 men: 1: Declan Godfrey, Louth Athletic Club (20);
  • Senior men: 1: Adam Dalton, Louth Athletic Club (39); 2: Joe Wood, Louth Athletic Club (37); 3: Paul Tuxworth, Unattached (24);
  • Vet men: 1: Nick Marsh, Louth Athletic Club (40); 2: Nigel Plaskitt, Wolds Vets (32); 3: Mick Westerman, Lincoln & District (27);
  • Under 20 women: 1: Natalie Stainton, Louth Athletic Club (10);
  • Senior women, 1: Lisa Harkess, Louth Athletic Club (38); 2: Emma Smith, Louth Athletic Club (31); 3: Tanya Mackie, Cleethorpes Athletic Club (27);
  • Veteran women:  1: Kerry Stainton, Louth Athletic Club (38); 2: Debbie Simpson, Louth Athletic Club (36); 3: Debbie Jinks, Mablethorpe Running Club (25);